Liminal Successfully Completes Integration With The Tezos Blockchain

Liminal Successfully Completes Integration With The Tezos Blockchain

Liminal Integrates With The Tezos Blockchain

Liminal is an automated wallet infrastructure platform that offers robust security to digital assets.

Liminal enables crypto-native companies to securely scale their digital asset operations through automated, plug-and-play wallet architecture.

They provide a combination of multi-signature and multi-party computation (MPC) to provide secure, efficient, and compliant access to digital assets.

Now it has been announced that Liminal, a leading digital wallet operations infrastructure platform, has successfully completed integration with the Tezos blockchain. 

This partnership is a collaborative vision towards making digital assets safer, more efficient, and more rewarding for individuals and businesses without giving up the control and ownership between Liminal and Tezos.

It will also enable 130+ projects built on Tezos to connect with expert blockchain architects at Liminal, who can help design efficient and secure wallet infrastructure for them.

Liminal can ensure compliance through this association and implement a proprietary regulatory readiness program, including AML checks, travel rules, and CCSS compliance.

Manan Vora, SVP of Strategy & Operation, Liminal, said: 

“We are elated to announce this flagship partnership program for the Tezos ecosystem.

We are confident that this program will help secure the projects building on Tezos.

It will also ensure that users and Web3 builders have full autonomy over their digital assets.”

Tezos, on the other hand, is at the forefront of the global blockchain revolution, which allows for fast, secure and efficient digital interactions without intermediaries.

Amanjot Malhotra, Head of Growth at Tezos India, said:

“We are delighted to have partnered with Liminal.

The partnership helps both companies move closer to achieving their shared objectives of making digital assets secure and effective.”

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