Hi everyone,

I just published my ebook on Amazon, “KEYS to BITCOIN“, so yeah, I am very excited!

But seriously, this is the blurb:

What is Bitcoin? How does it work? In this book you will find answers that go beyond the headlines. 

Whether you are an investor, a decision maker, or simply curious about Bitcoin, you will learn the key concepts behind the digital money: the blockchain, miners, digital signatures, and much more. Step by step, example by example. You do not need a Math degree to understand Bitcoin; this book will take you from not knowing anything about crypto-currencies to understanding Bitcoin completely: all the technologies used, why they are being used and how. It includes chapters on how to buy and store bitcoins, how Bitcoin is updated, and the newest evolutions in sight, such as the Lightning Network and Schnorr signatures. If you want to understand the evolution and revolution of digital currencies, this book is for you.”

So, I hope you read the book, it’s a pretty long and dense read, but hopefully worth your time. You can get a free sample from the Amazon website. Enjoy!


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