A lot of attention is given to the all time highs (ATHs) when it comes to the price of Bitcoin. The famous all time high of $20,000 is regularly thrown around and many people are on the lookout for when BTC may break this price again. The issue with ATHs is that they usually occur during a “bubble” where market hype drives the price to make new highs. These ATHs are usually short lived and don’t really provide a concrete measurement to the value of Bitcoin. A better way to look at BTC’s price is by looking at the yearly lows.

  • 2012: $4

  • 2013: $65

  • 2014: $200

  • 2015: $185

  • 2016: $365

  • 2017: $780

  • 2018: $3200

  • 2019: $5000

By analysing the yearly lows, we can see that BTC’s price has been growing strongly year on year. It would not be unwise to expect that the yearly lows will be hitting 5 figure sums within the space of 3-4 years.

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