This might be a stupid question, but hear me out.

When Ethereum hits PoS there is an issue around centralisation. Custodial services like exchanges will automatically become some of the biggest validators and hold a certain amount of control over the network. Exchanges could even potentially offer incentives to users to leave coins on the exchange by offering better payout or reduced trading fees and increase their amount at stake and influence over the network.

Would it be possible, or beneficial to have an adjusting ‘maximum stake’ to work something like a PoW difficulty adjustment? Instead of becoming more difficult to mine when hash rate increases, the amount of ETH needed to stake dynamically adjust (drops) as the amount at stake increases?

As the total amount of ETH staked goes up (and possibly have some ETH price metric in the maths too) could there be a hard cap on the maximum stake-able eth meaning that ‘regular’ stakers have more weight in the vote?

Almost like a penalty for holding too much ETH with an aim to improve decentralisation? I’m sure this is flawed but don’t know why 🙂

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