Hi every one,

I am A 18 year old boy from The Netherlands without a studdent loan, who fully believe in the future of bitcoin. I join bitcoin since March 2019 since than I invest around 50% of my payche. At this time I have around 0.1 BTC but I realy want as mutch BTC as posible to prepaire for the future. I am aware that this is probably the last time we are able te get 1 full BTC for a reasonable price.

Here comes my quastion; To buy more BTC every mounth sould I get a studdent loan of the maximum: around 400$ a month, If I do this I am able te get a mutch BTC a posible. And yes I am not crazy I am aware that it is a enormus risk I have to take.

Let me know what you think of it;

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