Introducing GrowthFire – The Way To Boost Your Amazon Sales

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Introducing GrowthFire – The Way To Boost Your Amazon Sales

Having a successful crowdfunding campaign is a great goal to have! With it, you can get start-up money to create something you love.

But what will you do once you’ve fulfilled all the backers’ pre-orders? Where will you then get new sales?

That’s something you should plan before you launch your crowdfunding campaign. One of the best places to start with is Amazon. It’s the largest online store, which possibly means many orders if you do it correctly.


And that’s where GrowthFire can help you! But what is this company? What do they offer? Don’t worry; I’ll explain all of this to you!

What is GrowthFire?


GrowthFire is an online service website that helps your brand achieve its goals on Amazon. They do it by connecting you with top-rated Amazon experts who help you out with any problem.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got some issues with the product listing’s description or you need help with launching your Amazon Seller Account the right way; they will assist you!

This company is actually a subsidiary of another excellent online platform called Gadget Flow. That platform helps people find unique products, including those from creators like you on crowdfunding websites.

So, if you’re looking to boost your backers, you can submit your product here.

And if you’re a beginner with Amazon selling, then GrowthFire might be for you! With their help, you’ll stay on the right track and avoid costly mistakes and wasted time.

What Services Do They Offer?


There are a total of six services to choose from! GrowthFire divides them into two categories: listing optimization services and account management services

Listing optimization services are one-time services that help your products stand out from the crowd and get more clicks and orders. The services include:

  • Amazon Copywriting & SEO. With this service, Amazon freelancers will work on your listing’s text. They’ll make sure your copy is keyword-rich so the right people see your products. And to top it all off, they make you a search term report, which is an excellent resource for PPC ads.
  • A+ Content / Enhanced Brand Content. With it, you’ll get amazing content to improve your conversions and stand out from an average listing. You’ll get a full design layout, premium stock images and icons, and much more. However, you must have a brand registry to pick this service.
  • Amazon Gallery Images. The last service helps you make gallery images that grab your potential client’s attention and makes them desire your product even more. You’ll get a total of seven pictures: three infographic images, three lifestyle images, and one hero image touch-up.

Account management services are more like long-term partnerships. They are done-for-you services so that you can focus on other crucial matters. The list of services includes:

  • Amazon PPC Management. With it, GrowthFire will take over your Amazon advertising. They’ll do everything from bid management and campaign creation to optimization and much more. Freelancers will also regularly report your total ad spend.
  • Amazon Account Management. With this service, you can outsource everything! The GrowthFire team will add new products to your seller account, do customer service, manage inventory, review management, and so much more.
  • Amazon Account Set-up & Launch. If you’re starting with no experience, then GrowthFire has got you covered. You’ll get expert assistance on Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and how to add products to your catalog, tips for protecting your brand from listing hijackers, help to review your management strategies, and much more.

Guide to Working with GrowthFire

So, you’re intrigued with what they have to offer, but you don’t know how to start collaborating?

That’s not a problem! All you have to do is follow these three steps:

#1 – Figure Out What You and Your Team Needs


Before you go and pick one of the services, you should analyze yourself and your team. That will clarify the aspects where you’re lacking and could save you thousands of dollars.

So, start by looking through each team member’s (including yours) strengths and weaknesses. That practice will help you see if you could allocate some tasks to your team or outsource them.

#2 – Pick Your Desired Service


Now, all you have to do is pick your service. Choose it wisely with the analysis we did in the last step.

But, what if you don’t know which one to pick? Then the best thing to do is schedule a free 15-minute consultation call where you can talk about your preferences and find which service suits your business best.

And lastly, if you pick any of the three account management services, you’ll have to get a quote first.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy. All you have to do is press the button “Get Quote,” and then fill out the form and hit “Get in Touch.”

#3 – Sign Up Your Customer Account


The last step for you is to sign up. This process is easy but differs with each category’s services.

If you picked a listing optimization service, then all you have to do is go to the pricing section of the page and click the “Select” button below your desired service. Next, you’ll be asked to fill in all the necessary account creation information.

Once filled, hit the “Create Account” button, and you’re done.

However, if you picked an account management service, the process is a little different. First, before creating an account, I recommend you get a quote and book a call.

Only then can you be sure if you’ve picked the correct service.

Then, continue with the signup process. Start by looking at the right corner of the menu, where you should see a button labeled “Account.”

Click it, and from the dropdown menu, pick the “Sign up” option.

Fill in the registration details, and you’re done!


And that’s GrowthFire!  So, if you’re looking to jumpstart your after-sales with Amazon but don’t know where to start, then this online service company is for you.

You can check out their prices and services here.

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