Elliott Wave Trend is the most powerful Elliott Wave Trading system, which helps you to trade with various Elliott Wave patterns like Elliott Wave .12345 pattern and Elliott Wave .ABC and Elliott Wave .ABCDE, etc.

Not limited but to give you some feel about the Elliott Wave Trend, you can visit this YouTube Video link:

Here is link for YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oftml-JKyKM

Elliott Wave Trend provide many additional features on top of Elliott Wave Trading.  Elliott Wave Trend produces its own support and resistance automatically for your trading. These are not ordinary support and resistance but projecting the location of superimposed wave patterns. You can use this together with your Elliott Wave projection. This will improve your trading performance too.


There are many other features not described here. But you can find out while you are using Elliott Wave Trend.

Link to Elliott Wave Trend.




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