[Interview] Gregory Crouse, CEO of H3RO3S: Building Real-Life Blockchain Gaming Platform

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[Interview] Gregory Crouse, CEO of H3RO3S: Building Real-Life Blockchain Gaming Platform

H3RO3S is a revolutionary play-to-earn gaming system that attaches incentives to the different products, levels and talents on the platform and allows the end-users to redeem these incentives by completing tasks for one another. 

The H3RO3S platform seeks to foster the Blockchain gaming ecosystem. The gaming industry has evolved, especially with the adoption of digitalization and Blockchain technology and H3RO3S is taking advantage of this technology to improve the social and financial lives of their users. The plan is to achieve this while spreading joy in the form of gaming at the same time, thereby making the world a little bit better for people to live in. 

Today, we sat down with H3RO3S CEO, Gregory Crous to talk about the gaming platform and its importance to our everyday lives. 


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Gregory Crous


Q: H3RO3S is looking set to launch soon and the project says it is the first real-life Blockchain gaming platform. Could you explain more about that?


Recently we have seen a huge hype about online gaming, especially in the Blockchain community. The excellent examples are Star Atlas and Step Hero. They are proof that these gaming projects can easily do over 100x. The beauty of H3RO3S is that it is the first time where individuals can become the main character of the game but in real life. So what we’re doing is we provide the ability for individuals to complete tasks for one another doing something different from the likes of big platforms like Fiverr and Uber and allowing individuals to create a social connection with one another. For example, with Fiverr, you pay the money, you get the job done, and the counterparts involved in that transaction do not speak anymore after that. 

On H3RO3S, that is different. You make social connections because you can meet the people who are involved on the platform in your local community. So an example can be that you’re looking for somebody to review your assignment before submitting it to your professor. Your friend will do it for you anyway because why not. But when you can reward your friend for making the time out of his day to review your work, it is an even better feeling. Plus, you’re able to then enjoy an activity together, or something that you both share an interest in. 

At the same time, we’ve been encouraged at how Step Hero did a 100x with a market cap of $600,000. Our market cap is at $296,250 so not only are we opening up the door to achieving a very easy 100x, but it’s also going to be much more than that.


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Q: What solution does the H3RO3S platform offer the Blockchain gaming industry?

The Solution H3RO3S provides is creating real social connections amongst the users while they play a game. When you play a video game, you always have friends that you make online, but these people are living far away from you and it’s very difficult to meet in real life. Whereas in H3RO3S, it doesn’t matter if you already know each other, or you are speaking to a stranger, we believe that you are only one conversation away from making a best friend for the next 20 years. 

So what we’re doing is we connect individuals who have the same talents, the same skills, or the same hobbies within their local community and they can create real social connections and make real friends. And it’s just a great opportunity, especially for the students who have been stuck at home for the past year, only communicating with their peers and professors through Zoom calls online. These students are unable to join their societies in the activities that they provide and have been deprived of the opportunity to make new friends and have a proper student experience. With H3RO3S, we already have a platform that helps you meet both the people you know and the people you don’t know yet. You also get to monetize the activities you would do for each other and be able to gain further purchasing power to enjoy the various activities available in your local cities.


Q: What are your predictions about the direction in which the play-to-earn industry is headed?

COVID-19 has shown all of us a new perspective of life. We have seen what happens when we’re stuck at home and can’t go out for long periods to protect those we care about and members of our local community around us. At the same time what play-to-earn has provided us with is the ability to earn money whilst having fun. This is an amazing opportunity that has been given to us all. I have also entertained myself by playing video games during these tough times of COVID-19. But what I realize especially with the easing of restrictions, is that individuals are a lot more excited to go out and meet people. They want to go to places they haven’t been before or haven’t visited for a long time and make up for the times wasted by this lockdown. 

So, this is why we introduced H3RO3S because we thought about how amazing it will be to be able to earn money, whilst living life outside with your friends and your family. Of course, staying in the comfort of your home and playing video games whilst being able to earn money is also an amazing thing to do. But being able to experience the best of both worlds, (the online gaming world and the world around you) is a revolutionary concept we haven’t been provided with before. At H3RO3S, we’re happy to provide the best service available to our community, and we look forward to engaging the rest of the world globally with this service that we provide. We predict that this will be a global phenomenon that will entertain the masses, especially students across the world who are looking to make new friends and learn more about themselves and their surroundings. Play-to-earn will be a new way to live life in the real world, whilst having the ability to mix the Metaverse with reality.

Q: Why do you think there are so many gaming projects adopting the play-to-earn model? 

As we have seen, the play-to-earn model has boomed, especially with Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As I mentioned before, we have seen projects like Step Hero and Star Atlas crossing over 100x, which is incredible to see. Of course, being in a competitive market, there will be other projects who are willing to create further values to attract users to also be a part of this play-to-earn model. What separates H3RO3S from other normal play-to-earn platforms, is that we not only understand the value of living life outside and not being stuck at home in front of your screen but living life at the same time while enjoying the best gaming experience. So we’re making the best of both worlds.

Q: Tell us how H3RO3S gaming platform can help its users make extra income for themselves.

So H3RO3S is a new way to make money. The purchasing power of a lot of people is quite poor, especially when you’re a student. The average wage in London for 18-21-year-olds is around £12,500 per year. This figure makes it very difficult to enjoy life, especially in a town that’s ranked as one of the most expensive in the world. What we provide is the ability for individuals to earn as much as $51 per day and as much as $1,500 per month. Users get this opportunity for a subscription of $10 per week. This is an incredible deal as we are not only able to relieve the financial pressure of many people, but we also allow them to live life in a way that they wouldn’t have been able to before. So this doesn’t only boost the local economy, but it also ensures that we can live in a world where people can do good things for one another, and get rewarded for it. This is the main theme of H3RO3S. We want to motivate people to become the best possible version of themselves with the talent they already have. And they can do this by helping others to help themselves. This is our motto. Use a talent you already have, earn money with it and enjoy the freedom of opportunities.

Q: Is it true that H3RO3S was built with only students in mind?

I was a student up until last year. So I understand what it is like to live the life of a student and enjoy the student experience. During my time we experienced a lot of teacher strikes and we were not able to do much about it. Now with the global phenomenon of COVID-19, we understand that there are certain things about life that are happening around us and we’re unable to influence or change them. Therefore, we need to be flexible and make the best of these situations. 

H3RO3S was not built for students only. Yes, students were in mind when it was conceptualized because I was a student then. The idea came up in my second year of university, and I understood the concept of concepts. Just like time is a concept that was provided by someone and now it is implemented by all of us. So, I quickly understood that there is no reason why in 2021 there are people who do not have food or do not have a roof over their head, or even something as basic as water for drinking. I think it’s unacceptable and something has to be done about it. 

This is the first step in allowing people to realize that they are the main key to becoming the best possible version of themselves. Use the time that you have, you use it with/on the people around you, and gain financial freedom from it. Especially for the students who finish their education and start looking for a job. One of the main questions that are asked by their potential employer is what have they done outside of their education. Often, the answer is “I don’t know”. With H3RO3S, we provide a platform where the profile of the individual can be shown and you can see how many tasks have been completed in the specific industry that person is applying for. Some ratings and reviews serve as evidence of how that person has been involved in the local community. 

Here’s an example I like to use. If you have children who don’t like to clean up after themselves, or make their beds in the morning, imagine how easy it will be to teach them how to take care of themselves by rewarding them with H3RO3S tokens.

Q: What has been the most memorable effect H3RO3S has had on you or your team so far?

I think the most amazing thing is that something that was born as an idea in my head, has become a reality. And what I am most appreciative of my team is that they were the first to believe in this idea. What is so amazing now is that there are thousands of people who understand the concept and are willing to participate and take part. They are excited to become an H3RO.

So, as the person who came up with the concept, it is just beautiful and heart-warming to see how the efforts have been rewarded in that sense. Because at the end of the day, I intend to make the world a better place and to get the reassurance that people are excited and looking forward to doing it with me. This puts the light of a thousand suns in my heart.

Q: What are the plans set for H3RO3S gaming for the future?

Having written a 30-year plan based on a 52,000-word book, we understand exactly what updates, what implementations, what inventions, and what features will come out at any point in time. We are very flexible in this sense as we understand that there is a need to be able to adapt to the demands of the market. As we can see at the moment, NFTs are a huge hype. We already have an amazing feature in place that can accommodate this hype. 

We also focus a lot on the social welfare of people and communities. So we’re also able to support these people. I think overall, the plan for H3RO3S is to provide value for the next 3 generations. We want people to understand that this is not a short-term project and it’s something that will last for the next 30 years. We are offering individuals the opportunity to be a part of something that hasn’t existed before. It is a movement that is here to positively affect everyone around us while pushing the message of having fun at the same time. 

You do something and you get rewarded for it. We firmly believe that the future of H3RO3S will be great. We currently have our eyes on the UK market and we believe that within the next year we’ll be able to expand globally. With a global recognition of H3RO3S, we will then set out on our next plans regarding further updates, the next games and the next add-ons to support the experience of our users and realize the 30-year plan in creating a social and environmentally sustainable world that everybody is a part of.


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