The more I think about the ECB and the Fed and their completely irresponsible (IMHO) Bernanke-QE strategies, and the further it keeps going… I just more and more start to think: if I was a bank, I’d get really worried about a major financial system collapse.

If I could manage to safely and hopefully quietly transfer wealth from Fiat into a platform that’s independent of national politics, I’d think that a cryptocurrency makes sense.

It would require very careful transfer of wealth/value that’s currently accounted for in Fiat. Once enough of it is held in BTC or its equivalent(s), I can sleep well if/when the fiat money printing chickens come home to roost.

With that idea as a backdrop, I’m increasingly thinking that a slow but steady increase of BTC towards a conservative (IMHO) valuation of $300k/coin over several years, possibly decades, wouldn’t strike me as ridiculous (a valuation which only a few months back made me chuckle in amusement).

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