it’s come to a point in my life where now i’m done saying or thinking that i’m going to cash out all of my bitcoin

bitcoin has been moving forward faster and faster and more places have started accepting bitcoin and even though its now easier to cash out, i really don’t see a point of going back into the fiat system

i remember when there was no coinbase and i physically had to use localbitcoins and go to a bank and deposit cash into someones account just to buy bitcoin

those were the days and i always felt so nervous and excited almost as i was doing something against the government/ banking fiat system when going to the bank to deposit money

im really proud of where bitcoin is going, and feel i can now escape the monetary system away from all those crooks and political nonsense,

i try to use bitcoin as much as i can, donate online, and buy things using bitcoin

i believe bitcoin will continue to get bigger and bigger and using/holding will continue to bring more mass adaption

i no longer feel the need to convert to fiat

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