Coalculus recently announced the COAL airdrop to IGNIS holders. You got questions? We have answers! Below is an FAQ based on questions we have gathered from the community.

The new Coalculus blockchain financial services (BFS) platform is a licensed partner of Jelurida, the core developers of Nxt and Ardor blockchains. To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Coalculus platform, we’re committing 1,000,000,000 COAL to be distributed to IGNIS token holders in the Genesis block of the Coalculus mainnet with the technical assistance of Jelurida. Read more here.

How much COAL will I receive?

For each IGNIS, a user will receive 1 COAL. For instance, a user who holds 10 IGNIS will receive 10 COAL as an airdrop reward after the snapshot is complete. After the release of the Coalculus mainnet (2nd of January 2020), COAL airdrops will be freely tradable and not subjected to lock-in provisions.

When will the amount of COAL I have be calculated?

The snapshot of ARDOR addresses will be done at block height 1035000, which is approximately 08:00 AM (UTC) on December 9th, 2019.

When will my COAL be delivered?

Delivery of COAL will be completed once the Coalculus mainnet is live on January 02, 2020 and users holding IGNIS at the time of the snapshot will receive the airdrop directly in the official Coalculus wallet.

Which wallets can receive the COAL airdrop?

You have two options:
(1) Recommended — The best place to store your IGNIS for the upcoming IGNIS Snapshot is in the official ARDOR Desktop Wallet. Download and install the official Ardor Desktop Wallet from

(2) Do your own research — Users must ensure your IGNIS tokens are stored in a wallet or exchange which supports the airdrop. Users should also refer to individual wallet or exchange for their COAL airdrop policy.

Where can I get IGNIS to participate in the COAL airdrop?

IGNIS is traded actively on a number of exchanges such as: Upbit, Bilaxy, Probit, STEX, Indodax, Bittrex, VCC, Coinbit, Hanbitco, TOKOK, HitBTC and StealthEX.

More trading information for IGNIS can be found here.

What is the main benefit of the airdrop for IGNIS and COAL users?

Crypto users find airdrops as opportunities of obtaining additional tokens by simply having their coins on exchanges and wallets. Through the IGNIS — COAL airdrop, the thought of valuable ‘free’ tokens is appealing to any crypto user and it is no different for the IGNIS community. The airdrops provide an incentive for users to hold their IGNIS and COAL for a prolonged duration in anticipation of the planned future developments by the teams at both Jelurida and Coalculus.

In case we miss any important questions on this list, click here to join the Coalculus community group chat on telegram. Ask away!

Best Regards,
Team Coalculus
December 2, 2019

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