After three years of losing, my due diligence finally paid off. I did it. I own 1 Bitcoin. In the past 7 days, everything changed. I got back all of the money I had lost in the market due to exchange scams, overpriced fees, and investments falling in price. I made a lot of mistakes over the past three years. Needless to say, I’m thrilled at the outcome.

I was in crypto during the massive 2017 pump. I didn’t sell at massive gains. I was greedy and naive.

This time, I didn’t let greed swallow me. I learned from my past mistakes. I made insane gains this past week and decided to sell all of my investment, and got myself a Bitcoin. Could the investment keep going up? More than likely. Its a DeFi coin, but I didn’t want to pass this opportunity up.

I’m in.

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