I got scammed. Will the remaining transactions fail?

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I got scammed. Will the remaining transactions fail?

Hi, so I fell for a stupid trick. I’m new to nfts and thought there was a mint going on. I spam clicked on buy. I had 0.6 eth in my wallet and next minute I look and it’s all gone. At that moment I knew it was a scam. I’m really worried now because I still have 10 pending/qued transactions for about 1eth in total. I have gone into my meta mask wallet and disconnected the site. I have 2 DAWs I would like to transfer to another account to be safe. But I can’t transfer until these qued transactions go. I have transferred 0.2 eth to see what happens if I cancel the transactions knowing I will habe to pay the gas. It doesn’t let me cancel the transaction it only says insufficient funds even though the gas is say 0.1. I looked on etherscan and the transaction isn’t there. What is the best thing to do? A guy on discord trying to help me said the transactions will eventually fail and they will disappear. Is this true? If so why will they fail? I just wanna get my nfts off of that account but im worried I won’t be able to until I pay the 1eth. Any help is appreciated. Very worried and upset/depressed. We all make mistakes and this has taught me a valuable lesson.

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