As a devoted autodidact, I believe in learning through doing. More so, I believe in learning through pain. And when it comes to investing in bitcoin, I believe in this more than anything. 

There are two kinds of people: those with skin in the game, and those without. 

The have-bitcoiners and the have-nots. 

Let’s look at this proposition to understand the context: 

This evening, go through the small print of 7 financial documents. 

If you were an investor, you would go through all these documents. And you wouldn’t consider it boring. If you were not an investor, you would come up with a thousand other things to do instead.

My knowledge of technical matters like PoW, the issue of bitcoin’s scalability, energy consumption, hard forks, etc, didn’t come out of curiosity. It neither came as a natural pathway from what led me to discover bitcoin in the first place, which was the essence of sound money and all of bitcoin’s intertwined links to the Austrian School of economic thought.

All my acquired knowledge came from the simple adrenaline rush of emotions that comes with investing in bitcoin, assuming all of its risks, and reading everything I can about it. 

What I just explained is the switch that happens when you become a have-bitcoiner from a have-not. When there’s a risk, complicated things become effortless to analyze. 

Rabbit holes become bigger and easier to fall into. If I were to sell all my bitcoins, I would keep the strength I mustered from all the heavy lifting of material that’s out there. But I would still become dumber. That’s why autodidacticism is a way better option.

Especially compared to having to go to school with a bunch of dumbasses. 

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