Well hello there,

i need to make an presentation for my graduation process (i dont know how that is named in English i gave it my best try) and my theme is cryptocurrencies.

and want to start mining altcoin and with my limited budget i think (correct me if im wrong) usd coin (UDSC) would be one of the “cheaper” but more reliable options, right?

how would i strat mining?

perhaps it would be better if i clarify straight from the beginning that i do not have a good Internet Connection (yet) and just a crappy laptop (ryzen 5 vega graphics with 8 gb RAM)

also i dont have much money to spend sooo ? any tipps?

some further questions:

  1. because i dont have much money i am limited with my wallet options what is the cheapest and safest way to store my keys? (paper in a metal case is not safe enough i feel)

  2. is mining just as easy as installing a programm and running it 24/7

  3. do i have to download the blockchain because on here — > https://bitcoin.org/de/download …

well i don understand a thiing and more than 350 gb dowload takes waaaaaaayyyyyyy to long

3. Are minimg pools necsessary ? If so wich ones are good and wich ones are a scam?

4. Ok usdc is a stablecoin and not minable wich cheap coin is a good alternative (i find bitcoin a little scary)

sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes.

2 is the question i am the most courius about

to make it easier for me and hopefully a couple others that reply i am German and speak it fluently so i would be happy if you CAN reply in german.


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