Hyper Speed​Network (HSN) Launches Protector Master Node Program To Build A 5G-Blockchain Ecosystem

On August 25, 2019, Hyper SpeedNetwork (HSN) will launch its Protector Master Node (PMN) recruitment plan, aiming to allow community users to participate in the project development as well as openly co-manage the project, jointly promote the ecological construction and share the refund. HSN claims to be the world’s first 5G digital public chain.

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An ecological network with 5G-architecture, the company is headquartered in Singapore with branches in China, the Netherlands and Germany and it aims to use blockchain technology to achieve complex application scenarios to support the 5G industry development.

HSN has the advantages in high throughput, high capacity, high diversity, high compatibility and low cost. Its software and hardware integrated solutions will be widely used in cloud VR/AR, smart security, smart cities, smart manufacturing, drones, SDWAN+NAS, Mesh products, and edge computing modules. HSN has released its whitepaper and the first generation of ecological application technologies. It has been listed on five exchanges, including MXC and DragonEX. Communities have been established in over 30 countries and regions around the world, supported by more than 100,000 members.

hsn - Hyper Speed​Network (HSN) Launches Protector Master Node Program To Build A 5G-Blockchain Ecosystem

HSN was launched in June 2019 and has held roadshows in New York, Colombia, Vietnam, Thailand, Switzerland, and China, welcomed by investment institutions and investors. In just two months, HSN attracted investment from Bi’anhua Capital, which was established in June 2019 by well-known blockchain investment institution Xiong’an Southeast Asia Blockchain Innovation Center and Silicon Valley professional blockchain investment agency Mayflower Capital. This first round of multi-million dollar investment was also the first project approved after its establishment. Immediately thereafter, HSN successively attracted investment from Dragon Network DragonEX and Chainup Technology.

In project development, HSN currently relies on its two subsidiary companies, Ninechain Technology (focus on blockchain and main chain software technology research and development) and Tenbay IoT (provides customers with software and hardware integration data communication solutions). At present, HSN’s team has reached 100 members, 95% of which are experts from R&D personnel in communication fields. HSN main network has completed the prototype design and gradually carried out relevant key technology https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R39lZWlqAEYresearch.

In addition, in order to better support HSN technical development, HSN’s subsidiary, Tenbay IoT, is also providing services and joint development for other customers and technology partners, such as LENOVO and Shanghai Quectel Wireless, Jieshun Technology, and Megsmart Technology.

HSN provides in-depth cooperation on 5G communication technology products, providing partners with hardware and software integration solutions for data connectivity and communication modules required for IoT devices, and 5G-communication module, 5G intelligent solution. The above-related products and integrated solutions are expected to be applied in the upcoming scenarios in smart cities, car networking and intelligent manufacturing.

In project operation, 100,000 users in the community have made good progress in technology development, community promotion and self-government. In order to reward the community’s active participation and contribution to the project, several contests and airdrops have been launched. The team also committed to a token buyback that reached already over 7 million HSN’s.

With the rapid development of 5G, governments and communication operators have accelerated the deployment of 5G commercial devices and application solutions, and various manufacturers have released 5G smart terminal products. Numerous investment institutions and senior investors with keen insight and advanced analysts have also deployed Blockchain integrating 5G concepts.

hsn - Hyper Speed​Network (HSN) Launches Protector Master Node Program To Build A 5G-Blockchain Ecosystem

HSN decided to launch the Protector Master Node (PMN) recruitment plan on August 25, 2019, and put forward 5 million HSN tokens as a gift to the protector nodes and referees. For the detailed plan please see here.

Hyper Speed​Network (HSN) Launches Protector Master Node Program To Build A 5G-Blockchain Ecosystem

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Hyper Speed​Network (HSN) Launches Protector Master Node Program To Build A 5G-Blockchain Ecosystem
Hyper Speed​Network (HSN) Launches Protector Master Node Program To Build A 5G-Blockchain Ecosystem
Hyper Speed​Network (HSN) Launches Protector Master Node Program To Build A 5G-Blockchain Ecosystem

Hyper Speed​Network (HSN) Launches Protector Master Node Program To Build A 5G-Blockchain Ecosystem

Hyper Speed​Network (HSN) Launches Protector Master Node Program To Build A 5G-Blockchain Ecosystem