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  1. Open your APP Store and search Huobi Wallet;

2. For Android users, Google Play is the recommended download store;

3. Download and then open. If you already have our app, open it directly;

4. Create a wallet;

5. After setting a security password, you are able to select the crypto wallet you want to create. Don’t forget to choose the DOGE otherwise, you will not receive your reward;

6. Backing up Mnemonic phrases is extremely necessary. With mnemonic phrases, you can have full control over the assets and recover the wallets you have created;

7. Write down the 12 words in correct order and keep it isolated from the Internet;

You can also import the wallet you have already created. Follow these steps:

  1. Set a security password;

2. You can choose to enter your mnemonic phrases for bulk import (all the wallets you have created will be imported) or just import one single wallet;

Now, you can start to use Huobi Wallet.

Any questions, please join our telegram @huobiwallet_english to find the answer.

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