How to place the news feed and trends display on the terminal chart – Other – 20 April 2024

If you do not know the upcoming news on the currency pair, you are trading blindly!


The news source can be either a terminal News Calendar or a website

News impact is designed to evaluate the news of all currency pairs and multi-currency trading at once.

If you want the news to be on every chart of currency pairs, it is better to use the News impact L indicator.

Filters are provided for news:

  • by importance L (Low), M (Medium), H (High)
  • viewing period T (Today), F (Four days), W (Week)
  • simbols of a currency pair

The graph shows vertical lines of news events with a hint.

It is possible to turn on a voice message about the moment of publication of the news.

The index of the influence of actual news values (NII) is calculated:
The published current news value has the characteristic of influencing the currency to which it belongs: positive, negative, neutral. The indicator summarizes all these values for the selected period, taking into account the importance of the news: high, medium, low and displays it on a graph as a percentage (and a pie chart for News impact)

This allows you to make a forecast of the course movement if one symbol has more positive news and the other has more negative news.

News impact has a panel with a NII table for 12 characters, ordered in descending order of values, clicking on which can load the selected character onto the graph.


Trends are calculated for five configurable timeframes.

The algorithm has a setting of the number of bars used, a filter and a method of accounting:

  • Only Open
  • Average Open/Close
  • Average High/Low

The result is displayed on the trends panel and in the form of trend direction change levels for each period.

The levels allow you to assess the nature of the trend movement of a currency pair.

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