How to Get Early Access to Nillion’s Free NFT: A Step-by-Step Guide | by AirdropNavigator | Jun, 2024


Nillion Network, a decentralized public blockchain project, is currently offering early testers the opportunity to earn a free NFT. With $20 million in funding led by Distributed Global, and a seasoned team including CEO Alex Page, a former Goldman Sachs investment banker and Hedera SPV general partner, Nillion is a project worth exploring. Follow this guide to participate in their early testnet and secure your unique Nill Pill NFT.

Nillion Network is a promising decentralized public blockchain project that is in its early testnet phase. Participating in this phase not only allows you to engage with cutting-edge blockchain technology but also earn a unique NFT. This guide will walk you through the process of obtaining your Nill Pill NFT by completing a series of tasks and quizzes. The earlier you complete these tasks, the better your chances of securing your NFT.

  1. Visit the Nill Pill Website
  • Start by heading over to the Nill Pill website: Nill Pill
  • Watch three mandatory videos, each followed by a quiz. The total duration of the videos is approximately 15–20 minutes.

2. Watch the Videos and Answer the Quizzes

  • Video 1:
  • Question 1: A truly personalized … provides generalized responses.
  • Question 2: Mimic an individual’s behavior, preferences, and manner of speech.
  • Question 3: It exposes highly … to potential breaches.
  • Question 4: Data privacy concerns due to centralized control.
  • Video 2:
  • Question 1: A struggle to … by third parties.
  • Question 2: Complexity.
  • Question 3: It enables data … protecting personal privacy.
  • Question 4: Data is masked … and then reassembled.
  • Video 3:
  • Question 1: Advanced technologies that … and Zero-Knowledge Proofs.
  • Question 2: By facilitating the … their individual strengths.
  • Question 3: PET Orchestration layer breaks down barriers to unite all the cool PET discoveries for better results.
  • Question 4: Because different PETs … different use cases.
  • Question 5: Free response, write anything you like.

3. Receive Your Unique Code

  • Upon completing the quizzes, you will receive a unique code. Make sure to save this code, as it will be important for future steps and potentially for future rewards.

4. Participate in the Testnet

  • Follow the guide provided by Nillion to participate in their testnet: Nillion Testnet Guide
  • Completing the testnet tasks will further solidify your participation and engagement with the Nillion project.

Nillion Network’s early testnet phase is a golden opportunity to engage with an innovative blockchain project backed by significant funding and experienced leadership. By following the steps outlined above, you can earn a unique Nill Pill NFT and potentially benefit from future rewards as Nillion progresses. Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of a groundbreaking blockchain initiative from the very beginning.

Get started today and secure your Nill Pill NFT: Nill Pill

Participating in Nillion Network’s early testnet phase not only gives you a chance to earn a unique NFT but also allows you to be part of a pioneering blockchain project. With a solid funding background and a strong leadership team, Nillion Network is poised to make significant strides in the blockchain space. Follow the guide, complete the tasks, and secure your place in the Nillion community. Happy earning!

Official Website: Nillion Network

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