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Ancient Worshippers Caught Getting High

Archaeologists in Israel just discovered traces of cannabis on a 2,700-year-old altar. But were they really smoking pot at this shrine? Read more here »

This Hospital is Live-Streaming Surgeries

If you ever go in for surgery, be advised: your doctor might not be the only one watching your operation. Learn more here »

Robots Are Controlling the Media

Microsoft just laid off a huge number of journalists and editors. Wait until you see who — or should I say what — is replacing them »

GOP Senator Wants to Give You $450 a Week

Could you use another $1,200 stimulus check? How about a weekly bonus of $450 on top of your salary? These are just a couple of the ideas being tossed around. See the latest here »

How to Get Apple to Send You $100,000

A hacker in India spends his days drawing the ire of big tech companies. So imagine his surprise when one of the biggest sent him a six-figure check. Get the details here »


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