6 Easy steps to get your free HEX crypto

HEX crypto Girl
  • Go to he HEX CLAIM SITE (Get +10% HEX with this referred link)
  • Install METAMASK
  • Connect your Metamask to your HEX ACCOUNT
  • Go to CLAIM
  • Open your BREAD wallet and copy your Bitcoin Address
  • Follow the detailed steps with IMAGES


  • HEX is released 2nd December 2019
  • You can buy HEX cheap on the ADOPTION AMPLIFIER
  • You can only claim if you own your SEED WORDS or your Private Keys
  • You can NOT claim from a MULTISIG address
  • 75% — 100% coins are FREE for Bitcoin Holders
  • You loose 2% every week you don’t claim
  • You have video tutorials HERE

1 — First you need to click and go to the:

*Get +10% HEX with this referral link

2 — In order to claim you will need an Ethereum address in METAMASK.

Click HERE if you need one.

Click for tutorial if you want to connect Metamask to your LEDGER or TREZOR.

3 — Metamask icon shows on the top right of browser. Click and then unlock your METAMASK ethereum wallet.

4 — Press CONNECT on the HEX ACCOUNT

5 — Press CONNECT on METAMASK to link your Ethereum address to your HEX ACCOUNT

6 Go to CLAIM. Now you need your Bitcoin Address.


>> hex-win.com/super buy

>>> hex-win.com/F.A.Q

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