How Sai Tej Annareddy is shaping the Domain of Blockchain Technology Internationally

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How Sai Tej Annareddy is shaping the Domain of Blockchain Technology Internationally

As we are all aware, the future revolves around technology. Whilst they are intangible, harder to understand and relate to, many has taken the initiative to explore various aspects of these technologies and some has penetrated deep into what it has to offer, became a master and took things to a greater level. Mr Sai Tej Annareddy is one of those who explored and went deep into it and got accustomed to the blockchain and crypto world. He is the CEO and founder of DLT Labz, from being a passionate technologist and turning his passion into a successful startup executive with more than 8 years of experience in digital product management engineering and marketing focusing on blockchain technology, crypto digital currency and IoT. He has been actively involved in the blockchain industry since 2013. Often quoted, the greater the experience, the greater the potential and skills there are to innovate and shape ideas. His success today is a result of his experience and skill derived over hard work, passion and perseverance to break over the boundary of limitations. 

Starting up on the early days of being a vegetable vendor right up to now being founder and CEO of COINOVY, as many entrepreneurs, Sai Tej also encountered many obstacles and limitations to be where he is today. His passion and non-stop persistence to explore the evolvement of technologies has given him an upperhand to venture deeper and shaped him into being a pioneer of the blockchain world. Sai Tej was born and brought up in Tirupati and started his education life at Bhuvanagiri Public School in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh and completed his school life in 2009. Later he went into Hindustan Aviation Academy in Bangalore and pursued Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and Bachelors in Business Management. During college times, he supplied vegetables and had the opportunity to supply electronic payments for government contracts. That was his first initiative in technology related, and he learnt, encountered, and needed to address pain points that derived out of it. That is what nudged him to start think about making payment secure, technology fast and easy to understand and with that desperate need to find solutions, it drove him into the blockchain industry. 

His business and management skills alongside his knowledge in blockchain technology has made made him an elite blockchain strategist today. His career started in 2014, as a Senior business development executive of in Bangalore and it continued for about 1 year. He then progressed onto being the teamwork associate which gave him the exposure and opportunity to be actively involved in modern Fintech campaigns. The association with EESL (energy efficiency services) gave him a chance to be involved in Central government projects, and being as diligent as he is, he was the promoted to operations head position in Teamwork associates which further enhanced his skills to handling business. From October 2017, he advanced his career into being a Program Director of Virtual Arena in Singapore and thus he got connected to the next-generation decentralized live streaming platform.

The year 2017, was a prime life-changing time for Sai Tej, as he started getting heavily involved and went on to being founder and co-founder of many blockchain-related businesses and startups. In April 2017, he became the founder of Chakravuyha and co-founder of Launch My ICO with an idea to leverage his experience of business and techology. Launch My ICO is a Startup accelerator based on blockchain to provide an end-to-end solution that helps startups with their crowdfunding initiatives through token sale so they can launch their dream project successfully. In the same year, he collaborated in founding ‘Short News’. It’s a short video news platform for freelance journalists and citizen journalists with a decentralized form for news verification launched by Chakravuyha Software Technology Private Limited located in Hyderabad. DLT Labz is now an estimated organization headquartered in Dubai, as Sai Tej’s innovative idea has turned it into such a reputed organization. DLT Labz is a creative and technological leader in the industry that was taking the world by storm. The huge success of DLT Labz is because of its extraordinary quality and outstanding performance and the existence of distributed ledger technology in every sector possible. His extensive knowledge about blockchain together with creativity flair has paved his way for in being one of the top leaders in technological innovation platform. 

Another important milestone he achieved in his life is with COINOVY. It was founded in 2020 with a vision to provide simplified secure and speedy digital finance to everyone. The main aim is to introduce people to use cryptocurrencies and enable them to use these currencies in daily transactions across the globe irrespective of the fiat currencies people use. He founded COINOVY to transform his dream into reality. According to his own words about COINOVY, he says “My latest venture, Coinovy, is a Crypto Ecosystem where I have established to solve issues that I’ve seen underlying in the industry. I created this with a vision to provide simplified digital finances for those without bank access, but still, be able to utilize the bank-like services”

The hidden secret behind the success of all his foundations and startup is all about having a desire to learn and to continuously evolve together. He believes that meeting new people and listening to their ideas is always a learning experience. His strength lies in him being quick to envision and start strategizing new ventures and developments.

As for every startup he gets involved in, he always ensures the best technological solution to enterprises and firms transforming it into an easily accessible global economy. He handholds every project right up to succession. With all his efforts, he has received appreciation from the IT Minister, Mr Nara Lokesh for Launch My ICO and  also received an award from the World Blockchain Council in 2017. His active contribution as a highly esteemed Blockchain Speaker and various involvement in blockchain associations has led him to share his valuable insights of the innovative business ideas and technical knowledge he has about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Sai Tej has proven himself to be a gem in the crypto and blockchain world and he is continuously looking to shape the future with his creative flair and abundant experience.

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