Broadly speaking, there are two categories of information you will want to learn:

  1. What Bitcoin actually is, the basics of how it works, why it was invented, etc.

  2. The mechanics of obtaining a wallet, exchanging fiat currency for Bitcoin, security, etc.

Bitcoin is here to stay. You owe it to yourself, therefore, to learn the basic facts about it – the sooner you do, the better for you, in the long term.

Best intro video:

The Trust Machine:

Book: The Bitcoin Standard, by S. Ammous.

Mike Maloney: Hidden Secrets of Money, episode 1.

The best investement that you can make in your lifetime is your own education. Education on:

  • …the history of money

  • …finance

  • …how the global economy works

  • …how the central bankers and the stock market work, how they can scam you.

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