patterns are considered as the advanced trading strategy in Forex and Stock market trading. We provided the through instruction of using
profitable pattern for your trading. All profitable patterns can be expressed in the structure = right swing  /left swing in RECF
notation. You can check the structure of profitable patterns in this article.

Fibonacci price patterns (retrenchment and expansion patterns), Harmonic Patterns, Elliott Wave patterns and X3 patterns are family in
this respect. As I have wrote in my book, geometric support and resistance is the relative of the family.

Pattern Pattern Scanner provides a approach to control all these profitable patterns except geometric support and resistance. Easiest
way of explaining is that take all these patterns as each portfolio of your trading venture. You do not have to keep all these patterns in your
portfolio. As Profitable Pattern scanner provides the way to switch on and off each pattern.

way to manage your pattern portfolio is that to switch off patterns you do not like and keep the patterns you like only. As non repainting and
non lagging indicator, you are able to test each pattern through historical patterns visually in your chart. No need to resource anything

way to manage your patterns portfolio is that to switch off patterns by their category. For example, if you are familiar and big fan of
harmonic patterns, then just switch off Elliott Wave pattern category and X3 pattern category. Keep Harmonic Pattern Category in your
pattern portfolio.

way to manage your patterns portfolio is that to modify and change patterns according to your preferences. In doing so, you need some
knowledge of RECF notation. This is probably the most advanced level of managing your pattern portfolio.

you read the book: Profitable Patterns in Forex and Stock Market for more complete explanation and complete management of your portfolio
with profitable patterns.

are the three options to manage your pattern portfolio. The profitable patterns are better when they are used together with support and
resistance. This is another good point you should make a note in your trading.

Pattern Category

Optimal AB=CD

*  Optimal Butterfly Pattern
*  Optimal Gartley

*  Optimal Bat Pattern
*  Optimal Alternate Bat

*  Optimal Shark Pattern
*  Optimal Crab Pattern

Optimal Deep Crab Pattern

*  Optimal Cypher Pattern
*  Optimal 5-0 Pattern

Optimal 3 Drives Pattern

Wave Pattern Category

Elliott Wave .1234 Pattern

*  Elliott Wave .12345 Pattern
*  Elliott Wave
.12345AB Pattern

*  Elliot Wave .12345ABC Pattern

Pattern Category

Star River Pattern

*  Trident Pattern
*  Horse Pattern

Eagle Pattern

*  Phoenix pattern

Pattern Scanner is the most powerful pattern recognition software in the market. Here is the link to Profitable Pattern Scanner.

addition, this book provides you the best introduction to How to use Profitable Patterns in Forex and Stock market.

Patterns in Forex and Stock Market (Essential Trading Guide in 12 Hours)

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