Bidesk Exchange is a digital asset trading platform that has been created to provide a safe and secure environment to trade high quality tokens and coins while giving users first-class experience. . We guarantee this experience is possible for all types of users; from beginners buying their first cryptocurrency, to professional traders and hedge funds, using our advanced combination tool, 24/7 customer support, and High-end financial assistance services are available to help.

Token sale & economics
Project website:
Project whiteboard:
Token sale start time: December 2019
Code: BDK
Token type: ERC20 is TGE
Total hard cap: $ 160,000
Total supply: 100,000,000 BDK
Initial circulating supply: 2,000,000 BDK
Semi-public token price: 1 BDK = $ 0.08
Public sale allocation: 2% of total supply
Price of token sold separately: 1 BDK = $ 0.09
Private sale allocation: 30% of total supply
Private vest selling period: Vest schedule is as follows: 1 month after TGE, about 1.67% per month for the next 18 months.
Seed token sale price: 1 BDK = $ 0.08
Distribution of seed sales: 18% of total supply
Time to sell seeds: The vest schedule is as follows: 3 months after TGE, 1% per month for the next 18 months.

Airdrop reward

Bidesk token holders can expect to receive airdrops from projects that partner with Bidesk and will be one of the perks granted to BDK token holders who like our platform. The amount awarded will be proportional to the number of tokens held by an individual divided by the total number of Bidesk available on the exchange at the time of the snapshot. Bidesk token holders may also be eligible for additional rewards by participating in promotional events and activities such as transaction events, social media campaigns, etc. Details of those events will be made available through their social media platforms

-Before joining the Bidesk bonus program, you must create an account at
-Register / log in to the bonus page via Google / Facebook / Email, then connect to your Bidesk exchange account. The email you use to participate in the bonus program must be identical to the email used for your Bidesk exchange account.
-Invite your friends to create Bidesk accounts. The more references, the more money you will make! Referral bonus will be updated every time you click on the Update online button on the bonus page.
-The more tasks you complete, the more BDK you’ll earn.
All languages ​​are accepted.
-You should remain active on the official Bidesk Telegram and Twitter group to receive the latest updates on the Bidesk bonus program.

-Report evidence of participation depending on the rules for each campaign.
-Any kind of spam, fraud, insult or abuse when advertising Bidesk will result in immediate removal from the bonus campaign.
-The manager of the bonus and the team reserves the right to change the terms at any time. Their decision is final.

  • Payment address cannot be changed after payment. All rewards will be distributed at the end of the campaign.

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