GOLD & CRUDE OIL – Dec 1st, 2021 » Learn To Trade The Market

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GOLD & CRUDE OIL – Dec 1st, 2021 » Learn To Trade The Market

Note On Charts: It’s important you are trading with a broker that offers True 5 Day New York Close Charts.

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Price Action: Bearish Pin Bar recently and Bearish Fakey Setup triggered lower recently.

Comments: Lower lowers and a recent close below $1808 support area, along with the 2 successive bearish upper tails, together suggest strong short term sell pressure.

Idea: Considering selling on a retracement at or around the $1808 resistance area.

NOTE – You can trade Spot GOLD via the trading platform we use HERE.

gold 2021 12 01 22 18 08


Price Action: No price action signals worth noting.

Comments: Major crash in prices recently found support just above $61.66 major long term support level.

Idea: Considering buying on a retracement to around $61.66 to $65.30 support area (ideally closer to $61.66 major level area), and / or after a price action signal to confirm an entry.

NOTE – You can trade Crude Oil futures via the trading platform we use HERE.

crude 2021 12 01 22 20 50

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