GameStop Enters the Metaverse With ‘Web3 Gaming’ Job Post

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GameStop Enters the Metaverse With ‘Web3 Gaming’ Job Post


GameStop is looking to build an Ethereum-based Web3 arm, according to a job listing posted by the company nine hours ago.

The retailer said it’s looking for someone with “experience with Ethereum, NFTs [non-fungible tokens], and blockchain based gaming platforms” for its “Head of Web3 Gaming” role.

The job post outlines a metaverse-esque future for the gaming industry, where “games are places you’ll go” and “blockchains will power the commerce beneath.”

“Integrations with different blockchains and Ethereum Layer 2 environments” was listed as a one of the role’s responsibilities.

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In May, the company created a page teasing an in-house NFT marketplace, which the firm still appears to be hiring for.

The address showed that GameStop had already created Ethereum-based ERC-721 token, the standard widely used to create NFTs.

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