Left 28×5 matrix monitoring of market activity

Column “A” the total activity on the basis of which the concluded of market activity:

*Activity is a measure of directional price movement

Activity settings set the filter to determine the market activity

audible alarm for increased activity is possible at a frequency of 1 time in x minutes

Activity alert On/Off button enables/disables the high/very high activity alarm (alerts):

Default activity filter 95% (can be adjusted between 90-99%):

Number of active pairs, activity filter, define market activity:

In the wide flat at low activity, quite wide movements are possible, especially on GBP pairs

So the trade from morning European session to end of the Americans session


The buttons with currency pair names are located to the right:

Clicking on the button opens the corresponding chart of the currency pair with the TF and template that you set in the settings:

To the right of the buttons is the spread column for all pairs:

Feeding is possible an audible alert about spread exceeding, if the spread is 7 or more pairs higher than the maximum value:

A warning will be displayed once in x minutes, on/off this feature can be enabled/disabled by pressing the Spread alert on/off button
(**This is protection against a very high spread, the spread was up to 500 points (5 digits) during the referendum on brexit):

the spread above the maximum value in the column is displayed in a different color:


Signal column – output of signals for trading:

Signal indicator (fx calm trader) works on D1 and looks for reversals in a calm market during a wide flat

The Signal On/Off button enables and disables the audible signals from the signal indicator:

the Clear signals button clears the signal column (this is the main function):

2 parameters are available for the signal indicator in the settings:

the signal indicator indicates the price level, which is either a reversal or a return

If the price is higher or lower than this level, the signal indicator gives signals with a frequency of 1 time in X minutes (in the settings),
i.e. the signal repeats

(can enable notification)


Action buttons for manual trading and setting of SL/TP:

Position manager columns specifying the number of positions by type (how many buy/sell positions are separately)


Profit/loss (profitable trades are highlighted in green, loss – red):

The button for closing open positions closes all positions by the corresponding symbol:

You can set up to show the buttons of closing only purchases and sales only:


Trailing button On/Off:

The settings can always be set to be the active button:


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