Flicker “Signature” was released last week and I have had the opportunity to run Signature on FTMO Trials prior before it was officially put onto the Marketplace.

Before I decided to “come-out” and started the Flicker Product Line, I was using another EA by another developer.

My experience using that EA was quite frankly, pleasant, but it somehow kept me on my toes because it wasn’t good at handling DrawDowns even though it had a DrawDown feature.

If that’s not worrisome, that EA doesn’t follow the Trend too.

To cut the long story short, I nearly completed the 25k FTMO Challenge, it was during the last week, when the DrawDown went bonkers and I decided to opt for a retake.

“Flicker” started, and so did “Signature”.

► GET SIGNATURE HERE: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/55954

► GET FUNDED BY FTMO: https://bit.ly/34z71AM

So I ran multiple Trials using Signature, until I gathered enough confidence to retake the 25k FTMO Challenge.

I did, last week, on a Monday.

The Strategy is good, just, the lot sizing to start with, that needed to work on. So the FTMO Challenge retake started a little bumpy, cause I was tweaking the lot sizes, and monitoring the max DrawDown at the same time as well.

Having only 30 calendar days to hit the 10% profit target, that’ll give me an approximately 20-22 days to complete it. It felt quite normal for one to do to average the weekly profit target, mine, a 25k FTMO Challenge, would be $625 weekly.

And so with the week ended not so long ago, and I’m quite happy with the results I’m getting for the 1st week. Currently having 2 pending positions opened, and I’m on about $700-800 ish in profit.

I am very excited! The best part is, I’ve a group of people walking through this journey with me as well.

If you’re interested into finding out more about “Flicker”, do visit the links attached below:

► FLICKER PRODUCT INFO: https://bit.ly/3115916

► FLICKER PRODUCT PAGE: https://bit.ly/2WhiAYw

► TELEGRAM: https://bit.ly/350iiJd

► GET FUNDED BY FTMO: https://bit.ly/34z71AM

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