Expert adviser Max
High frequency trading fully automated scalper with news filter, perfect to use if ‘hunting rebates – cashback earning’ are an object of
interest. This advisers main operation should be on cent accounts (recommended) but of course works on others as well. It’s a betting type
adviser using martingale order sequence to close unprofitable orders. Indicators (no configuration) are standardized to determine
market heading.

Trading results from the first weeks last 4 days on real ECN account (Not cent!)

first week

Main purpose with this adviser is to get as many trades out as possible during a certain time interval to maximize earnings from cashback and
profit. Of course the traded account needs to be connected with some sort of cashback service to gain from this.

Tight optimization intervals from 1 week to max a month to increase level of sustainable settings. The ability to choose ‘over trade’ settings
is quite easy but should be avoided as greed is not a good mentality to use with this system. Choosing time intervals is optional but defaults
are set 02-07 gmt +2 during Sydney and Asia sessions.

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