Even skinnier EIP 1559

Raise the gas ceiling by 4x with Istanbul (default settings), and set a minimum 5 Gwei cost to eliminate spam. Blocks will not be full any time soon, so state growth is constrained.

Done! UX is vastly improved with nearly all transactions getting through in 13 seconds. If there is an issue with state growth or syncing time, then the limit can always be reduced.

1559 is taking too long and Ethereum is missing out on ecosystem growth by keeping a terrible gas market in place for another 8 months.

Edit: If transactions per day double to 2 million (100B gas per day) x 5 Gwei as a result of this fee change, then the price of ETH will undoubtedly go up significantly (possibly even catalyzing the great Flippening). That will make transactions more expensive in $ terms, which creates a natural limiter of further growth. It certainly won’t be a situation of uncontrolled growth in the state size. The current approach is way too conservative, given the cheap SSDs and hardware and client improvements over the last 2 years (and next 2 years)

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