Setup Hour Chart chart

Indicators: Weis Pip Wave, Weis Wave with Alert (+Speed Index) and No Demand No Supply (

Nice Break – Easily identified – if you read your waves with Speed Index.

1. Support coming from Daily Chart

2. High volumes at the bottom during early morning hrs (3 days back)

3. First significant up volume wave after two days.

4. Look at all the SIs at the down waves 31.8, 31.1, 37.3 and last one at 110.5 much higher than SIs from up

5. Hard time to go down look at 37.3 and 110.5 SIs and Pip waves vs. Volume Waves

Finally closed the gap very fast this morning and
UP we Go.

My order is visible on chart – 40 pips so far!!! Enjoy !!!


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