ETHplode. The Beginning. - Markus @ethplo

Welcome Crypto-Fellows and ETHplode-Lovers, after half a year of ethplosive action we take the first time the chance to tell you some insights and try to give you an overview what happend and what we‘re working on.

First, let me introduce myself. I’m Markus and one of the 5 core-team members. Everyone has his tasks, but all have the same goal: ETHplode will continue to grow strongly! We are from Germany and Italy, but this means nothing in a worldwide crypto community.

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Have fun reading, it will be exciting!

The crypto world is exciting, fast and full of technology. We too have been involved for years and were invested in different Coins and Tokens.

At some point we started to participate in Airdrops. Although with German engineering we were quickly disappointed. Most Airdrops do not deliver. They just collect user data or worse. Out of 100 Airdrops, we only got 10 tokens on our Wallets. The projects died faster than new ones came along and the prices were usually only thought up. If a token has made it to an Exchange, nothing will ever happen again after the first dump. Except for a few spam emails, the whole work has brought us nothing.
Parallel to our try in Airdrops Matt discovered BOMB. Clearly the first deflationary token. A great project that has not only animated us, as the second deflationary token, but also many others (look here DefCMC).

Matt „mattoshi“ has, therefore, from the experience of 100 different Airdrops and the contact to BOMB Community decided to make an own token. And so ETHplode was born!

Well, that escalated quickly… in the end we had 140.000 Telegram Members. That was the second largest telegram group in the world!

Matt ́s Airdrop Bot worked wonderful and the participants numbers rose rapidly. That quickly gave new problems!
For example: The chat participants quickly rose above a high level, so that it wasn’t possible for us to handle it. We needed a dedicated support team, or better an Army! We found 50 (fifty!) Veterans which helped to moderate the group additional to various telegram chatbots to serve as support and prevent spam etc.
They way our technology works is a big reason for our success. We could have sell the Bots, but we never did.

One word about SPAM, 60% of the Airdrop participants clearly came from a few hundred scammers. There are many tricks to cheat on an Airdrop. Luckily, there are even more ways to expose fake profiles. We put a lot effort into sorting out fake profiles.
At this point, we would still like to apologize to anyone who has unjustly flown out of the Airdrop or belong to the small part that was not treated properly in the chat. We are sorry! We really did our best and tried to keep it fair for anyone.

At the end we delivered! Ethplos got transferred to 40,000+ wallets. The transaction fees alone were 6 ETH! But we made it and thus achieved an important intermediate goal.
After that a little bit was celebrated. As expected, a hard dump came after the Airdrop. Many have tried to quickly sell their 150–250 ethplo for ETH. Since we had expected nothing else and the price is currently not in focus for us, we were fine. But the first smart traders took the chance to accumulate cheap. Meanwhile we are constant over 30 whales. (A whale is when you have more than 100k ethplos in your wallet ). Also for those who want to take part in the Airdrop 2 benefit from the fact that the Airdrop-Hunter have dumped hard.

Speaking for all who have not noticed yet: The 40.8 million tokens that could not be distributed in Airdrop 1 were completely burned and are now gone forever. For anyone visible on the genesis Wallet. (Proof at our contract adress on etherscan. Look for the biggest holder.)

It takes a bit of character to burn 41% of your token supply. Above all, we wanted to show that you can trust this project and that the team does not take half of the tokens to themselves. Think about if you had the cohones too.

We currently have about 45,000 reddit, 60,000 twitter, and tens of thousands of discord followers. On Telegram we are still in the Nr. 3 group worldwide (proof) and so the biggest of all cryptocurrencys out there.
That’s great (and a little bit weired)! But we are still looking for talents who can better moderate and develop these channels than we can today.

Most of all YouTube would be awesome. So if a Youtuber with a little crypto experience and you would like to have 100,000 new channel subscribers, please send us your channel that we can have a look. Our standard is, also for Europeans, high. We would like to have Porsche, Mercedes and BMW moderators. No Daihatsu or Renault.

Even more urgent we search journalists who want to work with us. Please report if you write articles in relevant Blockchain blogs and want to combine your reach with ours.

This brings us to one of our most important assets: our great moderators. Like mentioned 50 of them offer a follow-the-sun-support around the clock. Currently it is a bit quieter, but that will change with the Airdrop 2 quickly again. We can count on our friends, the mods and admins of ETHPLO. Questions are answered in over 20 languages. Support is given to everyone who ask. Please treat the ETHplode team with respect and courtesy, then the answers are just as friendly.

It’s a real pleasure working with so many great people on such a big, global and multilingual project. Our reach is gigantic and we are so excited to know so many Crypto pendants. Support also helps the community, including the Airdrop 2 which ends on the thirty-first of october this year. On this day, the blockchain is examined and the wallets are determined, which participate. The distribution takes place in the week after the snapshot. Please do not forward the date, the others should read it themself in this article. Provide the link to medium instead.

People love our tipbot. It rained so much that we had to start a own group for that. After having one of the biggest Telegram Groups, we now also had the most active one in a blink of an eye. How cool is that? (Source: Combot Statistics)
It’s just a lot of fun and giving is more blissful than taking. Everyone who is afraid that the tokens will be dumped immediately, do not worry. The wallet of the whole tipbot is smaller than some of the whales. And don’t forget: Reach is the new oil.

And hey, we even will have soon a working website. (bookmark or share if you want, came back later to see new one)

Nothing new, we like GIFs. You can find a selection here: Ethplo memes and gifs getting wet in the raingroup will do it also i guess.

  • We made the most successful Airdrop in 2019.
  • We are the second deflationary token ever.
  • Have the largest support team and
  • six-digit follower numbers

Above all, we do not take ourselves too seriously, and have instead a lot of fun.

To keep the fun going for a long time, we’re working on further sources of revenue so we do not have to sell our beloved ethplos. I don´ t want to shill here and it will take at least 3 months more development. Maybe 6…

Our journey will continue, maybe even with the Lambo to the moon, who knows? Will be legendary for sure 🙂

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Best regards
All CORE-Team Members of ETHplode

Last word: I´m a big bag holder of ETHplo. In fact, its the only token i hold atm since i swaped all my other coins. I do not say you should do the same (already lost more than half of my portfolio worth at time of writing) but i want you to know who is telling you this. DYOR ← Do Your Own Research. I provided you some links as sources and proofs in the articel. You also can search your own ones. Do what you want, but don´t cry later at me (Tips are always welcome)

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ETHplode. The Beginning. - Markus @ethplo
ETHplode. The Beginning. - Markus @ethplo
ETHplode. The Beginning. - Markus @ethplo
ETHplode. The Beginning. - Markus @ethplo
ETHplode. The Beginning. - Markus @ethplo

ETHplode. The Beginning. - Markus @ethplo

ETHplode. The Beginning. - Markus @ethplo