Ethereum’s Simplification Drive: The Purge Update Unveiled

In a recent update preview, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin disclosed plans aimed at streamlining Ethereum’s blockchain architecture and relieving node burdens. The upcoming network update, aptly named “The Purge,” centers on the integration and refinement of EIP-6780, introduced during the recent Dencun upgrade. This enhancement focuses on optimizing the SELFDESTRUCT code to streamline the network and introduce additional security measures.

Enhancing Network Efficiency

Buterin emphasized the significance of EIP-6780, highlighting its role in simplifying the Ethereum protocol by reducing complexity and enhancing security. Once fully implemented, each Ethereum block will feature expanded data storage slots, paving the way for future proposals to eliminate the SELFDESTRUCT code entirely.

Decentralization through Deletion

As part of The Purge initiative, developers are introducing EIP-4444, proposing the automatic deletion of Ethereum blocks from network nodes after a predetermined period. This measure aims to bolster Ethereum’s decentralization by reducing node synchronization times and simplifying operational processes. Additionally, EIP-4444 will ensure that each node stores a fraction of the blockchain’s history by default, further enhancing network decentralization.

Strategies for Enhanced Security

Buterin suggests leveraging a precompilation mechanism, wherein Ethereum contracts contain logic implemented by clients instead of EVM code. These precompiles can facilitate advanced cryptographic functions, such as those used in applications based on ZK-SNARK. By optimizing transaction processing and potentially removing underutilized precompiles, Ethereum aims to enhance overall network efficiency and security.

Transition to Modern Formats

Buterin highlighted the need to modernize Ethereum’s network structure, which currently relies heavily on outdated formats. This complexity poses challenges for applications utilizing data based on Merkle Patricia and RLP trees. Ethereum’s consensus layer has already transitioned to the SimpleSerialize (SSZ) format, which is deemed more efficient. The Purge update aims to complete this transition, aligning Ethereum’s structure and execution with modern standards.


The Purge update signifies Ethereum’s commitment to simplifying its blockchain architecture, enhancing security, and promoting decentralization. Through initiatives such as EIP-6780 and EIP-4444, Ethereum aims to optimize network performance, streamline operations, and pave the way for future advancements in blockchain technology. With Vitalik Buterin’s strategic vision, Ethereum is poised to maintain its position as a leading platform for decentralized applications and smart contracts.

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