2020 airdrop

Ethereum (ETH) Giveaway, Join Now To Get (Double) Bonus

Good day guys, we are happy to announce our partnership with the several crypto communities and together, we are giving away 100,000 ETH to members of the crypto community worldwide šŸŒŽ to stimulate the adoption of cryptocurrency.

For those that forfeited the previous giveaway can now take part in the ETH giveaway now.

you can only take part in this event only once.

just send from 0.5 to 500 ETH to the address and get from 10 to 1000 ETH sent back to the address you sent ETH from or the one you specified below, you will get double of what you send to the giveaway address.

In this event, participant will get 2x(double) of whatever they send to the giveaway address instantly which can be traded on any exchange

1. Make sure you have at least 0.5 ETH or above in your wallet.

2. send the amount you wish to invest.

3. You send Ethereum from the same address.

4. The 2x bonus will be sent one you sent the ETH from.

5. Wait for at least 4ā€“8 minutes.

send Eth 0.5 receive 2x 1 Eth

send Eth 5 receive 2x 10 Eth

minimum 0.5 Eth to Maximum 1000 Eth

send to the Eth Address :- 0x9b82Ea5f42452b8EC6B803a1F19683BFc0cF60C1

Thank you for your amazing support and congratulations in advance.

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