Ethereum As Deadman’s Switch? : ethereum

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Ethereum As Deadman’s Switch? : ethereum

Can a deadman’s switch be programmed into Ethereum such that some action is performed if I don’t keep sending it a given signal? Just curious, as I’ve been wondering how best to bequeath my crypto to my heirs. I’m thinking this: I (safely) encrypt the info needed to access my coins and put the encrypted file, along with some email addresses and a passphrase, into Ethereum. Then I send the encryption key to all my heirs. I would then transmit the passphrase to Ethereum every so often to keep it from triggering. In the event of my death, when I fail for a certain number of months to signal Ethereum, it would automatically send that encrypted file to those email addresses, and my people could use the key to decrypt it and access my wealth.

Seems like it should be possible, and it would obviate having to deal with lawyers and safe deposit boxes and such. But I’m not sure if Ethereum can do email.

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