The ETH block time decreased by 25 percent after the Muir Glacier hard fork from 17 seconds to 12.69 seconds as per the reports that we have in our ethereum news.

The Ethereum blockchain got a lot of activity over the past month and after two hard forks and a lot of difficulties, the project got the headlines once again as the recent statistics show that the ETH block time now reduced by 25 percent. Before the hard fork, the project needed about 17 seconds to complete each block. Now, with the hard fork, the time bomb was delayed and also managed to reduce the block time by 25 percent causing each block to last about 12.68 seconds.

One consequence of the hard fork is the fact that Ethereum’s supply will grow by another 25 percent and in other words, the effects of the bomb delay are quite noticeable. The number of mined coins after the bomb surged from 10,000 ETH to 12,000 ETH. Some experts believe that the issuance to settle to around 13,500 ETH. The time bomb delay is considered to be a good thing which will also put the inflation rate at about 5 percent per year. Many believe that the inflation rate will increase even further during summer 2020 if the hybrid PoS sees the launch.

Once the inflation rate reaches these levels, the experts believe that it will stabilize finally at least until 2021 when the time bomb should return once again. The bomb is however not completely out of the game but it will return in about 20 months according to the developers. Also, the proof of stake could launch before this happens while the PoW will be discarded. The inflation rate of 5 percent or higher and if it comes to that will also be discarded with it which will further stabilize the blockchain inflation rate back to only 0.22 percent.

Ethereum’s switch from PoW to PoS is very complex and it cannot be rushed. If the developers believe that they will reach their goal, the inflation rate will drop back to 0.22 percent and will stabilize.

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