EP #485 How to Win $170K from Your Kickstarter Campaign On a Budget | Skyted

How much are you spending on your campaign?

Are you a startup operation and don’t have an extensive budget to get your crowdfunding project off the ground?

Then you won’t want to miss these killer tips from a startup company that did over $170K from 690 backers on their first Kickstarter campaign.

Join Salvador Briggman as he talks with Thomas Guesdon, the financial mind behind Skyted, and the ground-breaking product that allows the world to stay connected in silence. Skyted lets you mask up and carry on confidential conversations with no noise in and no noise out. Using aerospace technology that absorbs your voice and cancels interfering noise, these masks have an embedded microphone that easily connects to any device.  

Thomas is already a financial wiz, but a relative newcomer to crowdfunding. Having made the leap from the corporate aerospace industry, he and his incredible team broke away to build their own unique product from scratch and create an entirely new market. Thomas found that Kickstarter was the perfect way to get quick feedback and fast-track their market.

And their first campaign brought in $60,000 in the first 24 hours!

Not only that, Thomas and his team pulled the entire campaign together in a few short months. Along the way, Thomas learned the importance of keeping things simple and listening to the crowdfunding community. He also takes the guesswork out of engaging potential backers and getting media coverage with his down-to-earth advice. 

Do you want to experience the elation of seeing people back your next big idea?

Listen to this episode of Crowdfunding Demystified to learn how.

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