EP #360 Marketing Your Kickstarter Campaign to $338,354

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EP #360 Marketing Your Kickstarter Campaign to $338,354

Marketing is the oxygen of every successful crowdfunding campaign.

Without it, no creator can convert strangers into pledgers, and without pledgers, you won’t be able to launch your project. So, you must get it right!

However, with so many ways to market, it can get quite challenging to pick the perfect way to do it.

In this episode of Crowdfunding Demystified, Salvador Brigmann talks to El Whitcombe and how she and her team marketed their board game, Rat Queens: To the Slaughter, and funded it to a mind-blowing $338,354. That’s over five times their initial goal.

EP #360 Marketing Your Kickstarter Campaign to $338,354 2

You’ll also hear some invaluable marketing tips. For example, El will tell you how they used influencers to boost their backers.

Plus, she reveals their secret tactic to get 4,000 backers before launching their Kickstarter campaign.

If you’ve wanted to get fully funded and make your board game idea into a reality, then this episode is a must-listen for you.

So, grab your pen and notebook, and be ready to write down some priceless marketing tips for your next campaign.

Resources and Tools Mentioned on the Show

  • Book a coaching call
  • Tune in to Sal’s Live Workshops
  • The Kickstarter Launch Formula Audiobook
  • Fulfillrite: Kickstarter and crowdfunding reward fulfillment services. They come highly recommended! Download their free shipping and fulfillment checklist.
  • Rat Queens: To the Slaughter

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