EP #322 This Launch Secret Led to $103,023 on Kickstarter | Keepods

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EP #322 This Launch Secret Led to $103,023 on Kickstarter | Keepods

This father-son team knocked it out of the park with their Kickstarter campaign.

So far, they’ve raised $103,023 from 3,596 backers.

But, it didn’t start there.

Keepods began as an idea in the mind of the founder, Rafael Barlev, who pioneered the launch of a never-seen-before exercise accessory.

It’s completely blown up on Kickstarter, and is gathering raving fans from around the world.

I admire the heck out of this team. They’ve brought a radical level of transparency and authenticity to their product launch.

On our podcast episode, you’ll learn about a launch secret that actually led to the rush of funding within the first few days of the campaign.

Hope you enjoy it!

Links and Resources Mentioned

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  • Fulfillrite: Kickstarter and crowdfunding reward fulfillment services. They come highly recommended! Download their free shipping and fulfillment checklist.
  • The Gadget Flow: Their website reaches 28 million people per month! They have a new unboxing series on YouTube where you can get your product unboxed by a tech expert. You can also get feedback for your campaign by using Crowdinsight.

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