Today we’re talking about equity crowdfunding– a newer method of crowdfunding that allows you to source cash from investors online.

With this, people can gain access to equity in your company. It’s a great way to grow your company while also giving your backers a stake. 

Today I’m talking with the founders of Vansanity, a company that offers aesthetic professionals the opportunity to start and grow their independent business by providing them with the tools and technology they need.

By renting out medical workspaces, the company has built an empire– and it all got started with a killer WeFunder campaign.

In this episode, you’re going to get some advice and tips to be successful running an equity crowdfunding campaign from the founder of Vansanity.

It’s time to discover how equity crowdfunding can go to work for your project!

Links and Resources Mentioned On This Article: 

  • The Gadget Flow: Their website reaches 28 million people per month! They have a new unboxing series on YouTube where you can get your product unboxed by a tech expert. You can also get feedback for your campaign by using Crowdinsight.
  • Fulfillrite: Kickstarter and crowdfunding reward fulfillment services. They come highly recommended!
  • Vansanity
  • Equity Crowdfunding Explained
  • Book a Coaching Call


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