In the nonprofit event world, email communication is still king in driving interest to your fundraising events, ticket sales and registrations, or getting supporters excited about supporting your cause.

This is why we are excited to introduce new CrowdRise by GoFundMe integrations with email providers Mailchimp and Constant Contact that will make executing on your nonprofit event messaging plan easier than ever.

Nonprofit’s data on CrowdRise, and the use of it, has often played a role in campaign success. And now we’re making it even easier for them to use this data in their email marketing.

With this new release, charity partners will benefit from a direct integration with the top two email service providers in the charity marketing space — Constant Contact and Mailchimp. 

Until now, nonprofits were able to communicate with their CrowdRise supporters through basic campaign-level communications, but they could not communicate to larger groups like all supporters or donors. Now, with these integrations, charities will have the flexibility to message with any specific audience that they want, when they want to. 

Constant Contact

Thanks to Constant Contact’s ability to segment your email audience into different lists and segments, this new CrowdRise by GoFundMe integration will allow you to choose which list in Constant Contact you want to map your data to. constantContact_v1For example, let’s say you want to email supporters who have financially interacted with your organization before. You can select to pull your donor and purchaser data from CrowdRise over to a “Financial Supporters” list in Constant Contact, where you can create specific messaging for supporters who have already given monetarily. 

Or, if you want to reach out to anyone who has ever raised money on behalf of your organization, you could map team organizer data, participant data, and fundraiser data to a “Supporters” list in Constant Contact.

Once you set up the integration for the first time, CrowdRise will automatically “backfill” your previous data into Constant Contact within one week, so you can begin mapping all of the data that was previously recorded and you don’t miss a beat with your outreach. This is a free feature that is available to all CrowdRise nonprofit accounts.


When it comes to an email audience list, Mailchimp users typically follow best practice of “one list to rule them all.” Meaning that your entire audience list lives in one email list, and you use their powerful “tags” feature to sort through your information and get context around your donors and fundraisers. 

mailchimp_v2Our CrowdRise x Mailchimp integration follows suit with this best practice and allows nonprofits to sync data about their supporters from CrowdRise right into their Mailchimp email list. From there, you can use tags such as recurring donor, team organizer, of fundraiser to sort through your data, segment out your lists, and build your email communications plan.

Like our Constant Contact integration, CrowdRise will automatically “backfill” previous data into Mailchimp upon setting up the integration, so that charity users will be able to get context around all previous donations and information through the use of Mailchimp’s tags feature.

Ready to learn more about these powerful email integrations and get them set up for your nonprofit charity account? Check out our Mailchimp Integration and Constant Contact Integration study hall articles to get all of the information you need.

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