dTelecom Partners with peaq for Decentralized Streaming Revolution

dTelecom, a decentralized communications platform, has revealed its move to peaq, a groundbreaking blockchain platform dedicated to decentralized private networks (DePIN) and machine real-world assets (RWAs). This strategic shift from the Arbitrum ecosystem signifies a significant step forward in leveraging blockchain technology to address the challenges inherent in centralized streaming services.

Challenges in Centralized Streaming

As video streaming becomes increasingly essential for entertainment, business, and personal communication, popular platforms like Netflix, Twitch, and various video conferencing tools dominate the landscape. However, concerns about security, censorship, and transparency loom large due to the centralized nature of these services.

Empowering Users with Decentralization

In response to these concerns, dTelecom is leading the charge in pioneering a decentralized approach to video and audio streaming. By redistributing control away from central authorities, dTelecom aims to empower users and developers alike.

The Role of dTelecom’s DePIN

Operating through community-operated nodes, dTelecom’s DePIN facilitates the decentralized distribution of live audio and video content, offering a robust alternative to traditional, centralized protocols.

Strategic Partnership with peaq

The collaboration with peaq serves as a cornerstone of dTelecom’s vision. By leveraging peaq’s layer-1 blockchain as foundational infrastructure, dTelecom plans to deploy its core business logic on peaq, integrating peaq’s software development kit (SDK) and decentralized identities (peaq IDs) for enhanced security and scalability.

Broad Applications and Potential Disruption

Petr Malyukov, co-founder of dTelecom, envisions a wide array of applications for their technology, ranging from decentralized versions of popular platforms like Discord and Netflix to innovative use cases such as Web3 streaming services and voice chats for play-to-earn games.

Migration and Development Plans

As part of the migration to peaq, dTelecom will transition its smart contracts from the Arbitrum testnet, introduce a reward distribution mechanism, and facilitate the migration and onboarding of nodes onto the peaq network. The initiative will culminate in a Token Generation Event, launching dTelecom’s native token on peaq and strengthening its position within the DePIN ecosystem.

Confidence in the Future of Decentralized Streaming

Till Wendler, Co-founder of peaq, expressed confidence in live streaming as a compelling application for DePIN with significant market potential. He anticipates dTelecom’s role in transforming live streaming through its innovative approach.


With dTelecom’s strategic partnership with peaq, the future of decentralized streaming looks promising. By harnessing blockchain technology, dTelecom aims to disrupt the centralized streaming market, ushering in a new era of transparency, security, and user empowerment in the realm of audio and video content delivery.

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