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AirPod “Earrings” for $10

Apple’s wireless headphones are functional — and for many, they’re a fashion statement. But if you don’t have $200 to buy a pair, here’s a $10 alternative. There’s just one catch »

Make Quick Money Selling Your Health Info

For years, companies have been profiting by selling your personal health information. But now, you can sell your info yourself. Should you do it? »

[WATCH] Drone in High-Speed Pursuit

Ever seen a drone try to keep up with a high-speed roller coaster? This you’ve got to see »

Fried Chicken and Cannabis

At a new café in Los Angeles backed by Miley Cyrus, you can enjoy fried chicken, grilled peaches and burrata, and weed. Lots of weed. Yes, America’s first cannabis cafe is about to open. Get the scoop here »

Don’t Book Your Next Flight Until You Read This

Nothing ruins a flight like a screaming baby. But now you can see where these irritable infants are seated — so you can stay far, far away. Learn more here »


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