“Domi-Halloween”AirDrop is coming | by DOMINO | Oct, 2021

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“Domi-Halloween”AirDrop is coming | by DOMINO | Oct, 2021

Everyone who wants to get Airdrop needs to complete the task of becoming a “DOMINER”. We will award different amounts of tokens to Dominers with different levels. For those who do well, you will be qualified to be one of the first Dominers. We will provide incentives to Dominers. Dominers are an essential part of the ecological development process and a core component of the future DAO ecological community. We hope to have you with us on Domino’s growth.

1.Follow and Retweet Twitter.

(Twitter accounts must be registered for more than 60 days and have more than 10 followers. )

– Follow @domino_global on Twitter
– Retweet the post, @ 3 friends, invite friends to join us
– Retweet the post and copy your retweet link to fill in the form (form link: https://forms.gle/ZMXAYYYMZU85DVvFA
– After retweet, friends can be invited to participate in the airdrop. The more invited, the more rewards you will get from the airdrop. (Please tell your friends to fill in your Twitter ID to the form for our statistical review)

Bonus interval:
– Retweet & invite friends between 0–10 will earn 1–5 DMI
– Retweet & invite friends between 10–100 will earn 5–20 DMI
– Retweet & invite friends between 100–250 will earn 20–30 DMI
– Retweet & invite friends between 250–500 will earn 30–40 DMI
– Retweet & invite more than 500 will earn 40–50 DMI

2. Join the Domino Telegram community.

Search t.me/dominonetwork in Telegram, and join Domino community
– Message “Support Domino”
– Upload the screen-shot to the form:(form link: https://forms.gle/ZMXAYYYMZU85DVvFA

3. Complete the two tasks and fill in the form.

(The more friends you invite, the more rewards you get.)

**Notes: You can only participate ONCE per user, per device, wallet address, and Twitter ID**

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