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Do you accept Bitcoin? : Bitcoin

For a few months now, been going to some of the places I frequent (cafes, restaurants, barbershops, etc.) and constantly ask if they accept Bitcoin. Some say “no,” others “would like to.”

Got a haircut one day. Ask my barber if he’d accept bitcoin as a tip. Excited, he said yes. Said he only had a Gemini account, but no wallet. Blank canvas to work with here. Showed him how to use a Bitcoin wallet (BlueWallet), and tipped him using Lightning. His mind blown. He had no idea you could actually use Bitcoin. Went to the counter to pay, heard my barber say to the other barbers in the shop, “yo, I just got my first Bitcoin tip!” They all start chatting about it and he shared what he knew and the wallet he used. They keep chatting away. At the register, I asked (for the 3rd time in 3 months), “do you accept Bitcoin.” The gal at the register says, “We might have too.”

Later that night, went to dinner with the misses at our favorite restaurant. We know the owner. Asked him (again), if he accepts Bitcoin. Says he wants to. Shows me his Coinbase account. I introduce him to Breez Wallet (he’s a small shop) and get him set up. Dinner paid via Lightning.

A couple months have gone by; fast forward to today. Checking the local news and see an article listing several dozen small stores (the barbershop and restaurant I frequent included) that are now starting to accept Bitcoin, and a few more dozen looking into it.

Been working with the local chamber of commerce and economic development board on how to educate more business owners onto Bitcoin for some time, but by far, the simplest way to share Bitcoin and see growth in the area was to just keep asking, “do you accept Bitcoin?”

Anywho, thought I’d share.


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