In mid 2017 I did the research read the books, (The Bitcoin Standard) and went gung ho about bitcoin and adopted the HODL mentality. I put all my savings in bitcoin.

In 2018 I sold my fully paid off house and moved into 1 bedroom apartment and bought more bitcoin. in 2019 I sold my car and maxxed out 2 credit cards to buy more bitcoin.

Around June 2019 I had been listening to Carl The Moon’s daily videos for a hit of hopium pretty much every day for a year since 2018. Every day for a year.

Anyone familiar with his channel knows at the end of every video he shills his bybit affiliate link and a tutorial to leverage trading. Usually I knew to expect that popping up at the end and just shrugged it off cause I’m a hodler. But in June the seed took hold, Its here, its happening, this is the next bull market, why not increase my bitcoin even further?!

Enter 6 month downtrend. I started with a small position and endured like a slowly boiled frog by padding my position to avoid liquidation.

October 25th’s scam pump to 10.5 k really was the kill shot cause I doubled down to recoup my losses thinking finally its over.

I’ve lost pretty much everything. I’m devastated to say the least. DCA and HODL guys. dont be me. I honestly feel like I died and this is hell and I dont know I’m dead.

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