One of the largest US television providers has filed a patent application for a new “anti-piracy system” on the blockchain, allowing content owners to track its use.

The Dish Network patent application describes a system that allows owners to embed an identification mark in a content code that can be stored and regularly updated using a distributed ledger. Dish says the system will help better monitor and enforce property rights by warning platforms when their materials are used without permission.

According to the application, one of the main problems with Internet streaming of streaming video is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to combat piracy. Video owners find it difficult to track a large number of distribution platforms. Although pirated content can be quickly removed after being discovered, at this point videos are often viewed more than a million times.

Dish Network’s anti-piracy system will use blockchain to embed content owner data in code. Only copyright holders will be able to download and update this data. In addition to serving as a means to more effectively verify copyright, the system is also able to help online streaming platforms, enforce property rights, and take action against pirated videos.

Based on the application, it is not clear whether the Dish Network proposed anti-piracy system will work on its own blockchain or on an existing platform. The system also allows video distributors to buy content directly from owners. Users will be able to pay owners in fiat currencies or crypto assets, and in return will be able to receive unique identification tokens that allow them to use the content.

Identity tokens can be customized to give distributors access for a limited time or the ability to edit videos on specific platforms. If the distributor does not have the appropriate access rights, the system can automatically notify the owner of the materials that they are used without permission.

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