Davos 2022 Plotting against the industry to coopt it with banks and surveillance

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Davos 2022 Plotting against the industry to coopt it with banks and surveillance

Letting bitcoin maxi’s normalize the attack of web3 is by far the greatest failure of liberty and human freedom in crypto’s entire history. These Regeanites sold us out to the Nsa. Stone cold. KYCed Web3 will be a human rights/freedom devoid Orwellian hellworld. Nothing but Trudeau bank siezure and political persecution in all 170 countries in the world.

Like legitimately we’re safer with cash and traditional community banks and brokers, than permissioned kyced eth layer 3 rollups with backdoor narcware run by Davos and the WEF and JP Morgan, the ODNI etc. It isn’t even worth it. It’s full China control grid firewall

There should be seperation of state and money. There should not be any ability of a liberal administrative state to prevent basic finance and commerce and to engage in confiscation for any reason, especially political persecution.

“well there’s always a good reason, bad criminals, and so forth it must be done”

“well some political dissidents may be extemist”

So what you’re saying is that crypto should just be like regular broker accounts where if the procedures of the law dictate it so in courts, you can be banned and precluded from services or have your money seized, you’re deferring everything to western courts and procedures, a privilege 80 percent of the human population doesn’t even have.

There is no point in pemissioned Web 3. No Point! This technology exists to nullify and exclude democracy and courts, it is a veto on any interference with voluntary human action in the informal economy, especially undeveloped nations.

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