CyberFantasyFembots — What We’re All About | by CyberFantasyFembots | Oct, 2021

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CyberFantasyFembots — What We’re All About | by CyberFantasyFembots | Oct, 2021

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CyberFantasyFembots are here! And they’re not just any ordinary NFT. We wanted to do something different because our long term vision is to bridge Crypto and the Real World. We’re starting with NFT’s and DeFi. How are we different? With your CyberFantasyFembots, you can:

  • Stake them in our Vaults to earn ETH & BTC and other blue chip tokens.
  • Earn 80% Royalty Payouts Bi-Weeklyg
  • Gain exclusive access to airdrops and giveaways.
  • Join the Metaverse for various Applications

CyberFantasyFembots was created with a lot in mind. As huge DeFi advocates and developers, our mission is to deliver something exciting, fast paced and incredible. We’re bringing utility to your NFTs through a variety of ways including, but not limited to, farming, staking, dividend vaults, metaverse applications, 80% royalty payouts, exclusive NFT airdrops, and if we have our way, real world use cases for Fembots.

NFT Staking in Vaults, we think, is pretty rad. If you are not familiar with vaults, you can check out the more complicated info on here. Here’s the thing. It’s simple. We want to reward you for holding your CyberFantasyFembot, so what we do is, we take as much money as we can from the profits of minting and ensure you have access to it.

Enter Vaults. It works like this. You own a Fembot, you stake it in the ETH Vault (for example), and you earn a percentage of ETH back. The percentage will change dependant on how many decide to stake their Fembot in each vault or if they even do. Or if you stake multiple Fembots. So simply stated, we’ll create a vault for let’s say $10,000 worth of ETH. The vault will pay you ETH for leaving it there. Our plan, by the way, is to do a lot of vaults. We’ll start with ETH, BTC, MATIC, and USCD. From there, the community can decide!

At first, you probably think we’re crazy to do this. We’re just giving money away. Absolutely not. We know that many NFT traders will want to buy and sell their Fembot. We want you to hold it; so we reward you. We’ve got very big plans for our community, and as a holder, you are going to be rewarded for holding your Fembot.

Vaults are a very common thing to do in yield farming. It is not however, common with NFTs. In fact, we haven’t found a project doing it yet. We’re excited to bring you quality art and some MASSIVE utility and reward!

As far as our incredible Royalty Incentive Program, airdrops and giveaways, and the Metaverse, stay tuned. We’ll keep these coming.

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